Migration 2023

It's been three years since I ran out to Freezout to see the birds. Last time, Dad was alive and I stayed at his house in Fairfield the night before. That made it easy to get up early and get out there at a decent time. I was moving slowly this morning, so I didn't … Continue reading Migration 2023

Teton Pass Area

My buddy Steve needed a Christmas tree, so we headed up towards Teton Pass to find one. Of course we brought the cameras. I think I've mentioned this before on this site, but when I was a kid I never really ventured north of Great Falls. I missed out on all this beauty for years. … Continue reading Teton Pass Area

Willow Creek Reservoir

Last Friday marked what would've been one of my best friends' 46th birthday. Jer spent most of his life outdoors, exploring Montana, so every time I go camping I wonder if he'd like the camping spot. He was a mountain guy, so I'm not sure Willow Creek would be his favorite. But the Rocky Mountain … Continue reading Willow Creek Reservoir