Eureka Reservoir

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I didn’t explore as much as I’d have liked when I was a kid living in Central Montana. Now that I’m back, I’m having a blast exploring all the little reservoirs along the Rocky Mountain Front. Dad and I fished Holter Lake for the most part, but never headed up north. I have a long list of lakes and reservoirs I need to photograph (and fish.)

One of my favorites is Eureka. The Front makes a great backdrop, and it’s close to Choteau, so it’s easy to grab lunch on the way up. I was there last summer, and went again a week ago to check out the ice. It was 50º and sunny, but the ice along the edge of the reservoir was still think enough to walk on. The Front didn’t have a lot of snow–hopefully that doesn’t lead to another major fire season–but it still made an amazing backdrop for the reservoir.

The most recent trip involved putting the drone up over the lake. The ice makes incredible patterns against the dark water beneath it.

As with other places I plan to get back to at some point, Eureka Reservoir has its own project page. All future photos will go there.

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