Benton Lake Wildlife Refuge

Google Maps has made a huge difference in how I pick places to photograph. In the 22 years I lived in Montana as a kid, I never knew Benton Lake Wildlife Refuge existed. Maybe it didn’t back then, I’m not sure. But since I moved back, I’ve been scouring the satellite view of Google Maps looking for places that seem interesting.

Side-note: Lost Lake is another place I didn’t know existed until Google Maps. And I used to live 15 minutes from it. That place is amazing.

Back to Benton Lake… I picked up a new 100-400mm lens, and wanted to test it out. My favorite step-mom is an avid bird photographer, so she suggested Benton Lake.

It was a little late in the season, so the bird selection was somewhat limited, but it was still a great place to try out the new lens.

I can’t wait to go back when the birds come back next year.

These, and all future photos of Benton Lake Wildlife Refuge will live in the project gallery, linked below.

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